Hello, my name is Ben and I am a Destination Imagination alumnus.  In High School I applied for a scholarship through the Destination Imagination Support Committee (DISC).  My application was in the form of a website which I called the Instant Challenge Goldmine.  I posted three PDFs full of Instant Challenges along with some other information about training teams to compete in Instant Challenges.

Recently I was informed that my ISP has deleted my website.  I have created this page so that these ICs are still available to DI Team Managers.  Unfortunately, due to my other commitments to the program, I am unable to add additional challenges or answer questions via email at this time.

Please note that these are NOT official Destination Imagination Instant Challenges.  I was inspired to write them when I was an assistant Team Manager for DI teams in 2007 and 2008.  You are welcome to use them however you like.  To reduce confusion, if you re-post these challenges online, please include a link to this website as well as to Destination Imagination’s website

Enjoy the challenges and good luck at your tournament!

Practice Set A

Practice Set B

Practice Set C

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